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Our Core Values

Kindness, Respect, Community

Camp Chi is guided by the principles of Kindness, Respect, and Community. These values are equally as important in the Outpost Village.


The Outpost Village has an added emphasis on the value of Curiosity.

Nature provides the perfect place for a young mind to grow and for imagination and creativity to soar. Being fully immersed in it brings all our senses to life, and exploring the world around us heightens our observation skills and encourages a desire to learn about the natural world.

Outdoor Activities

All activities are rooted in outdoor education and wilderness skills

Even though we all share a common love of nature in The Outpost Village, we recognize our campers’ interests are as unique as the foliage of our forests. There is something for everyone so campers can always find something to do.

Daily Activities Exclusive to The Outpost Village

Wilderness Skills
Fire building and outdoor cooking will grow campers’ outdoor education skills. At least one meal per day will be cooked in our NEW outdoor kitchen!

Trail Building
Forging and maintaining hiking trails through our 600 forested acres

Natural Art
Making paint out of foraged plants, creating sculptures from natural materials, building musical instruments from nature and more

Maintaining a garden of native Wisconsin wildflowers and plants

Natural World Exploration
Plant and animal identification, water and soil quality testing

And many more!


Daily Activities in Camp Chi

Ropes Course
Adventure through our two Ropes Challenge Courses and on our Rock Wall

Horseback Riding
Form a connection to plants and animals while riding through our wooded trails

Outdoor Cooking
Learn how to cook the old-fashioned way: over an open fire

Canoe, kayak, and paddle board around our quiet, private Lake Blass


Overnight Trips

Overnight trips away from The Outpost Village give campers the opportunity to use their wilderness skills gained throughout the summer!

Camping Trip
During our overnight excursion to a nearby state park in Central Wisconsin, campers put into action all the skills they’ve been learning over the summer – they’ll set-up their own camping equipment, build their own fire and cook their own meals. We’ll soak in all the park has to offer by hiking through the forest, swimming in the lake, examining the unique geology and ecology of the park and exploring the natural beauty of Wisconsin.

Canoe Trip
The entire two-weeks of The Outpost Village all build-up to our two-night canoe trip! All of the wilderness skills we’ve developed are put to the test as we paddle along the beautiful Wisconsin River, set-up camp and cook delicious meals over an open fire. By the end of this trip, campers will walk away with the confidence they need to tackle the next big adventure that awaits!


Campers and staff live together in custom designed 30-foot yurts, a traditional-style round tent, which are divided by campers’ gender. Each camper has a bunk and a shelved cubby, and everyone can enjoy a common lounge area and electrical power.

At the center of the village is our familial fire circle, the hearth and home of the Outpost Village, along with a surrounding native plant garden and a communal pavilion. A full bathhouse with sinks and showers is a short walk away from the yurts. Although the Outpost Village feels secluded from the outside world, it is only steps from the rest of Camp Chi’s 600 beautiful acre campus.

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jonno appel

Jonno Appel

Outdoor Adventure Coordinator, Camp Chi
After graduating from University of Wisconsin-Madison, Jonno spent a few years traveling the world, developing international volunteer programs and guiding multi-day group tours for young adults. At the end of 2019, he returned home to Los Angeles, and spent the past handful of years managing a non-profit Urban Farm and developing garden and nature-based life skills curriculum for families experiencing homelessness. Jonno is thrilled to bring his experiences and passion for nature to The Outpost Village. As Outdoor Adventure Coordinator, Jonno also leads all outdoor programming including The Pacific Northwest (PNW) Trip.

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