Noar Village Now

Why A Rebuild Is Important

Noar Village is aging and is no longer able to meet the needs of Teen Camp’s large camper population.

Noar Lodge & Dining Hall: This space needs to be expanded and upgraded to support a wide range of recreational activities as well as in-village meal service for teen campers.

Kitchen: The Noar Kitchen is outfitted with the original equipment and layout from 1986 and needs a complete renovation to keep the grilled cheese coming!

Noar Deck: The deck has been danced on for decades and is feeling all that Camp Chi love. The rebuild will ensure that traditions such as Noar Song Session, Splash Bash and more continue on the iconic Noar Deck.

Cabins: In the past decade, just two cabins have been upgraded with more expansive interiors, community decks and accessibility features. Another 11 new Noar Village cabins will be home to generations of teen campers and foster connection among Noar campers and staff.

Participate In Our Alumni Campaign

Rebuild Noar

Camp Chi alumni are vital to the more than 100-year history of camp and we need your help to support the future of Camp Chi! As an individual, family or SIT class, you can help us raise $1,400,000 to support the renovation of Noar Village/Teen Camp. Make your gift today and your impact will be felt for decades to come!


All donors to this campaign will be invited to a special community event at Camp Chi in August 2023 to dedicate Noar Village.


Help us reach our $1,400,000 Goal!

$0 $700,000 $1,400,000


Additional Sponsorship Opportunities

$50,000 Name a New Noar Cabin
$25,000 Name an Accessible Cabin Porch
$20,000 Name the New Noar Plaque Wall
$10,000Name a New Garage Door Connecting Noar Dining Hall to Noar Deck
$5,000Name a Bench on the Noar Deck
$2,500 Name a Table in the Noar Dining Hall
$1,000 Name a Post on the Noar Deck

Give $500 or more

A tree will be planted in your name at Camp Chi

Give $100

Be recognized on a special donor sign

Gift commitments made to the Noar Capital Campaign may be fulfilled over a three-year period. We offer several higher commitment projects, if you’re interested in learning more about these new developments, please contact the Development Department at or call 224.406.9221.


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