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Remember the days when you used to have write letters to your far-away camp friends or ask permission to make a long-distance phone call? It’s so much easier to keep in touch now, and we want to make sure that you can find your long-lost camp friends and stay up-to-date on all things Camp Chi.

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Ron Levin Camp Chi Summers of Tomorrow Fund

The Summers of Tomorrow Fund was established in honor of Director Ron Levin’s 36th summer at Camp Chi. After 37 amazing years, Ron Levin is throwing his final pine cone into the fire.

Initial proceeds provided scholarship funds for nearly 100 campers, realized a 100-camper fire circle and new aerial adventure course, and established Chi’s first reserve fund. Over the past decade, the Camp Chi grounds have lost hundreds of trees due to storms and disease. Planting a tree in honor of our beloved camp director will help ensure that summers of tomorrow are as bright and beautiful as those that came before.

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Alumni Committee

Lauren Schmidt, Co-Chair
Jordan Sheiner, Co-Chair
Zach Auerbach
Sammi Barron
Taylor Brickman
Nate Burstein
Terri Chamlin
Susan Gilman Eiseman
Jordan Eselevsky
Becca Gillett
Melissa Keene Gilman
Jordyn Harris
Samantha Staley Isenstein
Ross Kofkin
David Kohn
Kyle Kolling
Ilana Lerman
Alex Levin

Jackie Levin
Jacob Lorig
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EJ Hoefler Oelling
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Justin Ruderman
Alex Simon
Lisa Sheridan Tarshis
Mike Waitz
Jamie Weil
Alexa Winestock


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-Lauren Schmidt and Jordan Sheiner, Co-Chairs