Important Dates for 2021

Supervisory Staff: June 1
All Other Staff: June 6

These dates include specialized training weeks and all sessions that campers attend camp. Some supervisory positions and nurse positions can be adjusted to accommodate shorter sessions. We will discuss travel questions and exact dates during your in-person or phone interview.

Please refer to your contract for your exact starting date.


Camp Chi salaries are very competitive with other Midwestern camps. Salaries are based upon the individual applicant’s education, experience and level of responsibility. All compensation packages include room & board. Opportunities for internships and field placements may be available.

Applicants from outside North America are encouraged to apply to an international agency. We can assist Canadian staff with securing work visas.

What Staff Say
From working at Camp Chi, I've gained a sense of empathy, compassion and patience. I've found myself connecting with more people, acting more crazy and feeling more happy than I thought was possible in any job setting.
Dan R., Supervisor, United States

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